To succeed you must understand, the past, the present and how they are
intertwined in the business world today

International business between China and New Zealand, whether your company is an exporter or an importer to be effective, you must understand the intercultural differences.  International trade partners, who understand the cross cultural etiquette, will have long standing relationships which will enhance profitability for their business.  Chinese English cultural differences can so easily be misinterpreted.  By utilising the Duo Communication Ltd services these barriers to business can be minimised.
Duo Communication Ltd makes it easier for small companies to do business effectively in China.  Duo Communication Ltd can assist business by enabling them to bridge the cultural knowledge gap.  This will enhance the relationship between the parties to ensure business transactions are completed satisfactory.
Duo Communication Ltd provides a range of services which will enhance relationships and connections with the business partners or clients in China.  Understanding the business culture, protocols and etiquette enables organisations to build long lasting relationships within China.  This leads to better business opportunities and greater financial rewards.


These Services include:

  • Presenting workshops for people or organisations contemplating a relationship with Chinese authorities or businesses. The primary purpose of the workshops is to have an awareness and an understanding of cultural business etiquette and protocols.
  • Presenting workshops to companies or organisations where staff rotation occurs in an already established role on the Chinese Mainland to ensure the staff are adequately skilled to the continue with the relationship.
  • Interpreter and meeting support person is available for business meetings. This will assist in smooth communication for both parties involved. With bi-lingual meeting ensuring that cultural and business etiquette is acknowledged and respected.
  • Using networks for the introduction of product, services and investments into China.


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