Course Aims

Trade is the lifeline of the New Zealand economy, and trade with China in particular has become one of New Zealands critical relationships. As such it is essential that those from both countries engaging in business have a good working knowledge of

1) Cultural differences between China and New Zealand.

2) What happens when a transaction based economy such as NZ meets one where relationship building is so important.

3) The difference between China and New Zealand. What is happening when China, one of the worlds largest countries by size, and the largest by population, an ancient history, and with written records dating back 4,000 years trades with New Zealand,  a small population, a young country with a relatively short modern history and with written records dating back only a little over 200 years.

Recognising these points the Confucius Institute and Duo Communication Ltd have jointly created two distinct course programmes.

New Zealand Participants Programme    View NZ Courses

Suitable for


New Zealanders wishing to trade with business people from China, either in China or those visiting New Zealand.


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Chinese Participants Programme    View Chinese Courses

Suitable for

Chinese Nationals wishing to form New Zealand based business entities or conduct business with New Zealanders in New Zealand.


Find out if Chinese Participant Programme helps to solve issues you may have in setting up business, and making long lasting relationships, in New Zealand

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Proudly presented in partnership with Confucius Institute at Canterbury University

We specialize in assisting and facilitating Chinese New Zealand business relationships.

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