Duo Communication Ltd prides itself around clarity of billing and outlining its terms of trade; please take the time to read the following.

Initial Meeting Protocols

There is a cost associated with the initial meeting. If however, after that meeting if you believe you have gained no value from our discussions, then the cost will be waivered. This is our peace of mind guarantee to you.

Terms of Trade

The terms and conditions of providing a professional service are provided at the start of our engagement and adhere to New Zealand legal jurisdiction. Work will not proceed until the terms and conditions are returned and signed as part of the formal agreement to proceed, and the discussions have been held as to how we can assist you.


A confidential agreement between Duo Communication Ltd and a client is signed in the interest of best business practice.

Prepaid Fixed Price and Time packages

Our clients can purchase pre-paid packages to cover any face-to-face meetings, skype calls and telephone chats they require during the month. Each package is sold in 3-hour allotments which are valid for the month in which it was purchased (this timeframe can be extended by mutual agreement).

Quoted Fixed Price Projects

When Duo Communication Ltd is working on a major project over a period of time for clients, Duo Communication Ltd will provide a fixed price quote that makes an allowance for unforeseen variables. This is paid on the submission of a weekly invoice, broken down into equal parts over the term of the contract.

Pay as I go clients

Instead of opting for a pre-paid package, our clients can choose to be invoiced for the hours they use. Pay-as-I-go hours are not discounted and are subject to scheduling requirements.

People Requiring Immediate Help

From time to time we receive telephone calls where we are called upon to offer situational advice from people who have an immediate and urgent need for help on a very clear and well-defined issue.

Our policy is that we can’t do justice to their issue with a quick response to a rapidly stated quandary. So we have a modest fee for this service, in return for which we will spend up to an hour on the phone (cumulatively) and exchange unlimited emails for up to five business days.